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Industrial roof inspection.
I had a look at the report and thought it was an excellent, detailed summary of work required. I will pass this through to the engineering team and I think it will helpful to justify a much needed spend.

Domestic roof inspection.
I contacted Steve at SGEyeUK to survey my new build house as I have zero experience when it comes to the structure and potential faults to look for. 
Steve was very friendly and courteous when he arrived to complete my survey and talked me through everything he was doing. What to expect, any common faults, the different sections he was looking at and actually what he looks for. Which I found personally quite insightful. 
I was amazed by some of the issues Steve found that I would never even know to look for. Including brickwork/broken tiles/guttering not aligned/damaged facias/poor workmanship on finishes. 
Steve also got into my loft space and thoroughly inspected that space to make sure there were no problems there. I honestly can't thank Steve enough for his work. Especially the quality of his equipment he uses. This has helped put a lot of things wrong, right with the builders of our new home. Thank you. 

Composite images and Volumetric data.

SGEyeUK provide a very professional drone survey service.

The high resolution aerial photographs provide an excellent record of our sites progress, and can be used for sales and marketing purposes.

The addition of remarkably accurate volumetric analysis is a further reason to use this service. Steve is a fully trained drone pilot who leaves you feeling confident that all the necessary protocols required by the CAA will be applied, ensuring the complicated compliance requirements for flying the drone are being undertaken on our behalf.

I would have no hesitation in recommending SGEyeUK for providing drone surveys.


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