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Ever changing world.

In todays world, where even standing close together present unique risks it is now more important than ever to be socially responsible. 
At SGEyeUK we have developed policies and procedures to ensure that when we visit your site we do not constitute and issue to you, your clients or your employees. 
To help maintain social distancing we use the Holyland Mars X, connected by a HDMI lead to the controller and then transmitting the feed via Wi-Fi to another Wi-Fi enabled device. This allows you can see the images from the drone as it captures them from a distance of up to 50meters.
Our procedures mean that, while on your site we must follow any rules you set out for us, this includes the correct type and use of PPE.
Our teams must operate in a safe way with out breaching our operations 
manual or CAA rules. Our Policy is that pilots and ground crew will always wear masks, wash there hands and maintain 2mtrs distance.

Email- or use the contact form from this site if you would like more information. 

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