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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom is designed for close in work. With it's 6 times zoom and attachments allowing operation in low light or shaded areas giving you to amazing detail. This makes it ideal for building or structure surveys.


Emlid Reach RS and RS+

By using the Reach RS and RS+ units together we can produce millimetre level relative accuracy quickly and when the data is corrected in PPK it can be used for high absolute accuracy.

Hollyland Mar X

To ensure social distancing while allowing our clients to view and review images and video in real time we use the Hollyland Mars X to transmit feeds from our drones, via Wi-fi to any Wf-fi enabled device with the app installed.


DJI M200 with the DJI X5s.
This drone is the first to be designed for public safety and industry. With it IP43 rating for adverse weather we are no longer restricted to the good days for flying. It has a multi gimble payload and Airsence for added safety.


DJI M200 and Aeropints
Aeropoints are a quick, reliable way to record ground levels with a high degree of accuracy. They are placed on the ground around the site, turned on a left until after the flight. The data is uploaded and the correction applied meaning less time on site and no need to climb over piles. 

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